Monday, September 27, 2010

Who dat, who dat

Who dat throwing bombs in Mike Wallace.
It's Batch. It's Batch.

What a game by me.
My first interception was part of the game plan, lulling the Bucajokes into a sense of complacency.

If I played D, guaranteed I would've had a pick.

I'm like a sinus cavity. I'm in your face.

I headed to the locker room before the half was over.
I wasn't hurt.
I just wanted to sign up for Rinko Rumble Fantasy Hockey.

3 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

3 touchdown passes and this is all we get? i guess chaz batch is getting too big for the blogosphere

it's alright, next week won't be the last we see of you. You'll be back when Ben is out with a concussion by week 8.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, you should post about the glorious job you did in the St. Louis game.

Anonymous said...

We need more Batch